Apartments in the magical city of Szczecin


We would like to offer you accommodation in high-quality apartments in three different parts of the Szczecin city centre

We propose you a perfect alternative to hotels, not to mention – a comfortable and affordable accommodation. The Sedinum apartments provide you with good location, enabling easy and quick access to the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Theatre, Wały Chrobrego, Zamek Książąt Pomorskich, the Kaskada and Galaxy shopping centres and many other attractions.
Our guests enjoy the highest standard of accommodation, well-equipped rooms, kitchenettes and bathrooms. Moreover, we provide an unlimited access to the Internet and cable TV (“ECO-rooms” available on request).
The Sedinum apartments are one-of-a-kind comfortable accommodation in the centre of Szczecin!

Re-discover Szczecin – a bustling city full of attraction
and intriguing places for the whole family!

Modern city with rich tradition

Szczecin is constantly developing, however its tradition is never forgotten. As our apartments are located in the heart of the city, all major tourist attractions are at hand.

Chocolate-flavoured city

The scent of chocolate lingers over the rooftops of the city centre. It may be enjoyed especially in our apartments’ neighbourhood. Experience a morning walk while breathing in the smell of chocolate.

Szczecin – the dock city

Szczecin is located “almost” by the sea. Thus, it is one of the Polish port cities and it has been connected with the marine industry for centuries now. We would like to invite you to discover boulevards, the ship yard, sail through charming canals and learning the marine and land dimensions of the city.

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